Submerged missile, hidden explosive found in Jaffa

The Jaffa Port was closed an an IDF special unit was dispatched to the scene. 

By World Israel News Staff

The port in the mixed city of Jaffa was closed by Israel’s Marine Police Unit on Thursday after a scuba diver who was diving in the area alerted police that he found what seemed to be a sunk missile close to the port.

Marine Police officers were dispatched to the scene and quickly closed the area, while investigating the incident. An IDF special unit was also called to the scene, Maariv reported.

In another incident, police found an explosive device that was hidden in bushes on Tsihatli Street in Jaffa, not far from the city’s port where the missile was found.

A sapper who was dispatched to the scene neutralized the device, which was then sent to a lab for further examination. Police officer then scanned the area for possible suspects.

Police have launched an investigation, while exploring the possibility of both incidents being related.

Such incident are not uncommon in Israel.

Earlier this month, debris from a Syrian anti-aircraft missile were found scattered in Tel Aviv.

“A surface-to-air missile was launched overnight from Syria to Israeli territory. The missile exploded above the sea,” an IDF statement read. “This morning, residents of central Israel located a number of the missile’s fragments scattered on the ground.”