Attorney-General to Indict Sara Netanyahu Imminently

Israel’s attorney-general is expected to indict the prime minister’s wife imminently on charges related to fraud and breach of trust.

Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit has notified Sara Netanyahu, wife of the Israeli prime minister, that he plans to indict her.

It is expected that the indictment over issues related to the prime minister’s residence will be served on Friday.

The indictment concerns charges of fraud and breach of trust based on the alleged misuse of state funds for expenses at the Prime Minister’s residence and for elder care for her ill father, in addition to charges related to catered dinners and housekeeping expenses.

Meni Naftali, a former manager of the prime minister’s residence, is expected to testify against the accused. The Netanyahu family says Naftali is a “serial liar and criminal state witness” who cut a deal with police.

“Sara Netanyahu is a courageous and honest woman, and her actions have never been without merit. In addition to her weekly work as an educational psychologist and child care expert, she spends a great deal of time helping children with cancer, Holocaust survivors and lone soldiers,” a statement released Thursday night by the Netanyahu family read.

Fixation on PM’s Food ‘Pathetic and Obsessive’

“The allegations against the wife of the prime minister are absurd and will prove to be baseless,” the statement continued.

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“The steep increase in meal expenses at the Prime Minister’s Residence was caused by offenses committed by the problematic Meni Naftali, who is a serial liar and a criminal state witness. The average monthly expenditure on meals ordered during the period Naftali served as of the maintenance head (at the Prime Minister’s Residence—ed) was five times (!) higher than the monthly average of the next four years, when Naftali did not work there. That just says it all.

“Not only did the prime minister’s wife not commit any offense, but the preoccupation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s food – who works around the clock for the state and its security – and with the food of his family, is a pathetic and obsessive one.”

Recently, Sara Netanyahu took a private polygraph test as part of the investigation. The results indicated that she was telling the truth on key issues.

By: World Israel News Staff