British boy, 5, saves mom by dialing number on his toy ambulance

Young lad hailed as a hero for dialing the emergency number after his mother collapsed in a coma.

By World Israel News staff

A young boy in England is being hailed as a hero after he dialed the emergency number that he saw on the side of his toy ambulance after his mother collapsed and fell into a diabetic coma, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

Josh Chapman, 5, was playing with his little brother Harry when his mom, Caroline, 41, collapsed on the floor and was in a diabetic coma at their home in Telford, England  on July 28.

Josh had never made a phone call before, but had the presence of mind and calm demeanor to dial the number 112 that is on the side of his European-model toy ambulance.

Although the emergency number in the UK is 999, 112 is a European standard emergency number and he was automatically connected to a police operator.

Josh stayed on the line until police and an ambulance crew arrived at their home.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Caroline said Josh told the paramedics: “Mummy was playing cars and then her eyes closed.”

“I had just been playing cars with the boys and I suddenly blacked out,” Caroline told the Daily Mail. “‘I woke up surrounded by paramedics – and a lot of toys – and they explained to me that Josh had called them and given them our address.”

Caroline explained that she usually feels her sugar levels dropping, but this time she didn’t.

Josh apparently knew to fetch sugar candies to help his mom, “but there was none in the jar so he called an ambulance.”

The police praised Josh for his “quick-thinking” and “brave” actions, and treated him to a tour of the local police station.

“He loves his cars and the emergency vehicles are his favorites. So he went straight to his favorite toy for assistance,” his mom explained.

Telford local police commander Superintendent Jim Baker said the men and women in blue were full of admiration for the young hero.

“This was an incredible thing for Josh to do, his quick-thinking saw him ring the number on his toy ambulance as he was worried about his mum,” Baker said. “He was very brave … Josh has already proved he would make a brilliant police officer in the future.”

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“Hopefully we’ll see him again when he’s old enough as a new recruit,” Baker added.