Herzog endorses Peretz in Labor leadership race

While Peretz’s opponent backs Herzog to remain head of the opposition in the Knesset, Herzog still endorsed Peretz.

Outgoing Labor Party Chairman Isaac Herzog announced on Friday that he is endorsing former Defense Minister Amir Peretz as the new party leader, ahead of the final round in the race.

“After weighing and examining all the considerations related to the elections for leadership of the Labor Party, after consulting with my friends and colleagues, I have decided to support the candidacy of Amir Peretz for the head of the Zionist Union,” Herzog wrote on Facebook.

“Sitting on the fence is not an option,” Herzog continued. “The overall experience of Amir, his record on security, diplomacy, social issues and economics swayed the decision.”

The outgoing leader of the Labor party made his decision despite the fact that Peretz’s remaining competitor, Avi Gabbay, endorsed Herzog to continue in his role as head of the opposition in the Knesset.

“I have asked for nothing and received nothing [in return for endorsing Peretz],” Herzog added.

“I insisted on three principles: preserving the Zionist Union, that is, unity with the Hatnua party, Tzipi Livni’s position as Chair of Hatnua, and a commitment towards working to establish a political bloc aimed at replacing the Likud and Netanyahu,” Herzog elaborated.

“I am glad that Amir Peretz has acceded to all those and I am certain that he will work towards their implementation,” Herzog added. “I call upon my supporters to stand beside Amir, to establish his victory and to work together towards replacing the government.”

By: World Israel News Staff