IDF arrests Hamas terror suspects

Israeli forces continue to clamp down on Palestinian terror.

Israeli security forces arrested a Palestinian lawmaker and a spokesman for the Hamas terror group early Wednesday morning, within and near the city of Ramallah.

The IDF apprehended Ahmed Attoun, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and a Hamas politician, during a raid at his home in al-Bireh.

Fayez Abu Wardeh, a Hamas spokesperson, was also arrested by security forces at his home in Ramallah Wednesday.

Attoun, prior to his arrest this week, was apprehended by Israeli authorities in other instances related to his political role with the Gaza-based Palestinian terror group Hamas.

The arrests follow reports of 13 other similar arrests of Palestinian lawmakers currently in Israeli custody.

A statement released by the IDF said three suspects were arrested related to security-related offenses in Qalandiya, al-Bireh and Hebron. However, the statement did not clarify if Attoun and Abu Wardeh were among the three.

This week’s arrests follow the recent arrest of a Hamas recruiter operating in Judea and Samaria, as well as joint operations between Israel’s Shin Bet security agency and the IDF to shutter several illegal Palestinian weapons factories near Hebron.

Also, the Shin Bet disclosed in late March an Israeli citizen living in Judea and Samaria was apprehended on suspicion of transferring funds to the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group.