Israeli forces nab Hamas cell that planned shootings, abduction

A Hamas terror cell was uncovered in a combined ISA, IDF and Border Police operation.

Israel’s combined security forces recently exposed and captured a Hamas terror cell that planned several terrorist attacks, including shootings and an abduction, in order to bargain for the release of prisoners, the Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency – ISA) stated Thursday.

The five-man cell from Tzurif, in the Hebron area, was in the advanced planning stages and had carried out reconnaissance missions in preparation for attacks against IDF forces in the area.

The investigation led to the discovery of “considerable war material,” including two AK-47 assault rifles, three handguns, a hunting rifle, two M-16 assault rifles, clips and ammunition.

The terror activities were coordinated from an Israeli jail by Ibrahim Abdallah Ghneimat, a security prisoner from Tzurif serving a life sentence for his involvement in a series of deadly terrorist attacks in the 1990s, including the abduction and murder of IDF soldier Sharon Edri.

Ghneimat’s two sons, Fadi and Shadi, and son-in-law Mahmoud were arrested. Shadi acted as cell commander.

Kheitam Naim Hamidan assisted in hiding war material. J’ad Sultan, a weapons trafficker from Hebron,  supplied some of the ammunition. Rami Rajoub, who had also served time in an Israeli jail, planned an abduction with Ibrahim Ghneimat while in prison together.

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The IDF prosecutor in Judea and Samaria is due to file indictments against the suspects in the coming days.

“The uncovering of the infrastructure reveals the high motivation of Hamas militants, both in the field and in prison, to carry out severe attacks including shootings and abductions,” the Shin Bet stated.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News