Israeli high schools shut for one-day wage strike

Teachers staged a “warning” strike on Sunday to protest what they deem insufficient salary increases.

By: World Israel News Staff

High school students in Israel received an impromptu vacation day on Sunday, which is usually a school day in the Jewish state, after teachers called a one-day strike due to an impasse between their labor union and the Ministry of Finance. The strike was called primarily due to a disagreement regarding impending salary increases.

According to members of the teachers’ union, the government has expressed willingness to provide an increase of only a tenth of what the teachers seek, which was reported as 600-800 shekels more per month.

Finance Ministry officials for their part accused representatives of the teachers association of political posturing, staging a labor dispute as union elections approach, according to a report in Hadashot online news. Government officials also highlighted the discrepancy between veteran teachers and newer educators in Israel, which they claim is one of the larger gaps among developed countries.

In the past, labor disputes related to Israeli teachers have resulted in strikes lasting for significant stretches of time. Almost a decade ago, high school students missed 55 days of class due to a protracted teachers strike.