Israeli start-ups raise billions since beginning of 2017

Israel’s start-ups are on track to possibly exceed last year’s record-setting financing. 

Israeli start-ups raised some $400 million in June after raising $2.3 billion in funding during the first half of 2017, Israel’s Globes finance magazine reported.

The $2.3 billion in capital raised during the first six months of 2017 puts Israeli start-ups on track to meet, and possibly exceed, last year’s record start-up fundraising of $4.8 billion.

Start-up financing began slowly in the month of July, but accelerated last week with six different companies amassing a total of $145 million in capital.

Digital market intelligence company SimilarWeb was the fundraising leader last week after closing a $47 million financing round.

The other five tech start-ups with large financing rounds last month included data company Iguazio with $33 million, cyber security companies PerimeterX and Nyotron with $23 million and $21 million respectively, digital farming company Prospera with $15 million and digital health company Somatix with $6 million.

Other Israeli companies that saw large financing rounds during the month of July include cyber security company Deep Instinct with $32 million, smartphone repair company Cellsavers with $20 million and sales platform which raised $20 million.