‘Last night they tried to murder me’: Beit El mother describes harrowing drive as Arabs stone car

A mother and her children came under an onslaught of stones on Wednesday night. The mother credits her son with saving them.

By World Israel News Staff

Hadassah Haimovich, a resident of Beit El, a Jewish town in Samaria,  narrowly escaped seriously injury as she drove home with her children from Shavei Shomron on Wednesday night, website Srugim reports.

“Last night they tried to murder me,” Haimovich told Srugim.”Suddenly, a few meters before [the town of] Ofra, we received a barrage of stones.”

“I was confused and started slowing down the vehicle, but I knew that in such situations you need to accelerate. But when you are at the moment, the knowledge probably doesn’t help much. There is confusion, shock, agitation,” she said.

She credits her son with saving them. He “was sitting next to me, corrects me and yells ‘Go, go.’ He saved us. otherwise I don’t want to think what would happen,” Haimovich said.

Although there was some body damage to the vehicle and she left with shoulder pain and dizzyness, she thanks God that they were unhurt.

She told Srugim that the event gives her new perspective on what people go through in Judea and Samaria, even though she herself lives there.

“I thought to myself, people go through this in their daily routine. How? How the heck do you live like that? And I still thought to myself, if Jews were to throw the stones, they would immediately be caught and go through trials that the heart can’t understand,” she said.

“And another thought that came to my mind, it’s a shame I didn’t take one of the stones to take in DNA,” she said. “But on second thought, lucky I didn’t risk us a second time. Anyway, it’s DNA of Arabs. Who’s interested in that?”