Missile attacks on Israel ‘restored Khader’s spirit to me,’ says widow of hunger-striking terrorist

The Jihadi terrorist’s wife praised Tuesday’s barrage of missiles launched against Israel, although an earlier report said that she initially urged the terrorists not to attack, fearing loss of Palestinian lives.

By World Israel News Staff

The wife of Khader Adnan, a senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad official who died in an Israeli prison Tuesday after an 86-day long hunger strike, has called on all Palestinians, wherever they are, to avenge her husband’s blood, blogger Abu Ali Express reported Wednesday.

The 45-year-old PIJ terrorist and father of two girls had refused all food and medical care offered during his incarceration and popularized the use of hunger strikes by Palestinian prisoners.

Gaza terrorists fired 104 rockets at Israel Tuesday, blaming Israel for Adnan’s death. The IDF slammed the Strip in retaliation; a ceasefire – reportedly brokered by Egypt, the UN and Qatar – was announced Wednesday.

The “heroes on the ground in Gaza did not disappoint,” Adnan’s wife stated in praise of the attack on Israeli territory, the blog report said. “The response of Gaza’s Joint Command Room restored Khader’s spirit to me.”

Siding with PIJ and Hamas, she also slammed the Palestinian Authority, the “Authority of Shame” – likely referring to the recent clashes in Jenin between PA security personnel and PIJ terrorists, according to Abu Ali.

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However, a Tazpit Press Service report on Tuesday quoted Adnan’s wife, speaking to reporters at her home in Arrabah, near Jenin, as calling on terrorist groups not to retaliate.

“In all the sheikh’s previous hunger strikes not a single drop of blood was shed, and today, with his death, we will not want a single drop of blood to be shed.

“We don’t want anyone to comment on his death, and we don’t want anyone to fire rockets that will lead to reactions and attacks on Gaza,” she reportedly said.

Also according to TPS, the PIJ denied reports on Israeli media of negotiations with Israel, with Egypt as a mediator, for the return of Adnan’s body in exchange for retaliation.

“The return of Adnan’s body is “a pure right of the Palestinian people and is not subject to negotiation. We will return the bodies of all our martyrs, with all the means at our disposal, just as we will release our prisoners,” the terrorist organization said in a statement, TPS reported.

“My husband faced death on hunger strike, but I support his fight against Israeli occupation,” she stated in 2018.