Netanyahu set to attend World Cup semi-finals after meeting Putin

The prime minister is planning to include the FIFA World Cup semi-finals on his itinerary when he visits Russia this week to meet with Putin.

By: World Israel News staff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to attend the FIFA World Cup semi-finals after meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Wednesday.

The Kremlin stated that the two leaders will meet to “cover current issues related to bilateral cooperation and also the international agenda, including a Palestinian-Israeli settlement and the situation in Syria.”

“Netanyahu will also attend a World Cup semi-final match,” the statement added.

Times of Israel quoted a source in Netanyahu’s office who said that he will “likely go to part of the game depending on what time the meeting finishes.”

During the weekly cabinet on Sunday, Netanyahu said he will fly to Moscow for an “important meeting” with Putin.

“We meet from time-to-time in order to ensure security coordination and, of course, to discuss regional developments,” Netanyahu said.

At the meeting, he will reiterate the “two basic principles of Israel’s policy: First, we will not tolerate the establishment of a military presence by Iran and its proxies anywhere in Syria – not close to the border and not far away from it. Second, we will demand that Syria, and the Syrian military, strictly uphold the 1974 Separation of Forces Agreement.”