Israel doubles water sent to Jordan, despite growing relations with Iran

Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the agreement later on Monday, arguing that Jordan has been strengthening its ties with Iran and that the deal does not benefit Israel in any way. 

By TPS, World Israel News Staff

Israel’s Energy Minister Karine Elharrar and Jordanian Minister of Water and Irrigation Mohammed Al-Najjar met in Jordan Monday for the signing of the agreement for the Joint Water Committee.

The ministers met within the framework of the Joint Water Committee (JWC) of Israel and Jordan for the signing ceremony of an agreement that will secure the doubling of the annual water supply from Israel to Jordan throughout the coming year, with the possibility of an additional year.

In July, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid met with his Jordanian counterpart, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, and agreed that Israel will sell Jordan an additional 50 million cubic meters of water this year, totaling in 100 cubic meters.

Elharrar stated that the signing of the agreement is “an unequivocal statement that we want good neighborly relations. I sincerely hope that this agreement will be the harbinger of more cooperation between Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan, which will benefit both peoples in contending with today’s challenges.”

The meeting “highlights the importance of Israel-Jordan ties in strengthening neighborly relations and promoting cooperation among countries of the region, the importance of cooperation on the issue of water as an impetus for promoting further relations between countries, and the solidarity that exists between neighbors who are all facing water shortages due to climate change and regional demographics,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry stated.

However, the Jordanians remained silent on the meeting and on the signing of the agreement.

Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu later criticized the agreement, arguing that Jordan has been strengthening its ties with Iran recently and that the deal does not benefit Israel in any way.

In August, Israel and Jordan signed an agreement to boost agricultural cooperation and sales ahead of the approaching Jewish sabbatical year.