Over 5,400 Russians arrived in Israel since Putin announced conscription

Ministry of Immigration expects rate of aliyah from the former Soviet Union to continue increasing.


At least 5,400 Russians have arrived in Israel in the past days since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced last week the conscription of 300,000 civilians into military service to fight in Ukraine.

Estimates say that hundreds of thousands of Russians have left the country, and several thousand of them have made their way to Israel, some of them who are eligible for citizenship under the law of return.

Israel has received about 40,000 refugees from Ukraine and the surrounding countries since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February.

Israel’s Ministry of Ministry of Immigration and Absorption estimates that future trends in immigration to Israel pose a great challenge to the State of Israel, as the rate of immigration will continue and even increase due to geopolitical developments in the countries of the former Soviet Union and the continuation of the war in Ukraine.

The country is preparing for a wave of tens of thousands of immigrants who will come from Russia in the coming months.

Russians seeking to evade the draft have swamped land border crossings with Finland, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and even as far east as Mongolia.

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World Israel News staff contributed to this report.