Police chase after Palestinian criminals ends with 10 injured

A high-speed police chase targeting Palestinian car thieves in the center of Israel ended with 10 injured.

A high-speed chase by police after suspected car thieves in the center of Israel on Thursday ended with 10 injured motorists.

Police spotted the thieves operating in the Haifa area and gave chase, targeting a vehicle suspected as stolen.

While fleeing, they endangered traffic and at some point hit a taxi and its 10 passengers.

Police set up a checkpoint in the Netanya area, but the criminals breached it. One officer felt his life was in danger and fired in the air, bringing the thieves to a halt.

The injured taxi passengers were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Both car thieves, Palestinians from the Tul Karem area and members of a known gang, were arrested. One of them, 25, was seriously wounded.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

By: World Israel News Staff