Alleged Israeli strike on Syria targeted Iranian drones

The target of the bombing of a Syrian airbase was likely an Iranian drone command center.

By: World Israel News Staff

According to Israeli news outlet Ynet, Iranian drones were the target of an air strike on Monday at the T-4 airbase in Syria.

The airbase, located in the Homs province, is home to Iranian forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah terror organization and Syrian regime forces. Iran’s forces are located in the Western part of the base, which was struck by several missiles in Monday’s attack, reportedly killing at least 14 and wounding several others.

In February, an Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) launched from the airbase was shot down by Israel when it entered Israeli airspace. In response to the illegal incursion, IAF jets flew deep into Syria striking twelve targets, including the drone’s launch and control center at the T4 base.

The Russian Defense Ministry blamed Monday’s attack on Israel, issuing a statement claiming that two IAF F-15 jets fired the missiles from Lebanese airspace. The Ministry also claimed that Syrian air defenses destroyed five of the missiles fired by the Israeli Air Force, while three other missiles hit the western part of the T4 airfield.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a British non-profit organization operating in Syria, reported that “Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities” were killed in the strike. Four Iranian military officers were among those killed, including Mehdi Dehqan Yazdeli who was reportedly a member of the Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force, the division that operates drones.

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The IDF, in keeping with its long standing policy, has remained silent regarding its role, in any, in the attack.