Slovenian government votes to recognize Palestinian statehood

Slovenian government votes to back unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood; move expected to be approved by legislature.

By World Israel News Staff

The Republic of Slovenia is poised to become the fourth European country to recognize Palestinian statehood after October 7th, following a vote by the country’s government.

The government of Slovenia voted Thursday to greenlight the unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood, Prime Minister Robert Golob said.

“Today the government has decided to recognize Palestine as an independent and sovereign state,” said Golob, as a Palestine Liberation Organization flag flew in front of the government building in Ljubljana. “This is the message of peace.”

The move comes after Spain, Ireland, and Norway all finalized their recognition of Palestinian statehood earlier this week.

Slovenia had initiated proceedings to unilaterally recognize Palestinian statehood earlier this month, but later moved to expedite the process after Spain, Ireland, and Norway announced their plans.

The recognition proposal must still pass the Slovenian legislature for final approval before it can be implemented.

Tanja Fajon, Foreign Minister of Slovenia, said the move reflected a growing consensus in the European Union.

“I am glad that the Slovenian government made a historic step,” Fajon said. “The Israelis and Palestinians have the right to raise their children in peace, security, and prosperity in their own states.”

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“The recognition of Palestine is the only way for the two countries and peoples to coexist in peace.”

“The number of like-minded European countries is growing, which is a clear sign that the EU is assuming a more active role in the resolution of this conflict.”

Israel was quick condemn the move, with Foreign Minister Israel Katz issuing a statement via Twitter/X, calling recognition of Palestinian statehood a reward for Hamas atrocities on the 7th of October.

“The Slovenian government’s decision to recommend that the Slovenian Parliament recognize a Palestinian state rewards Hamas for murder, rape, mutilation of bodies, beheading of babies, and strengthens the Iranian axis of evil while damaging the close friendship between the Slovenian and Israeli people. I hope the Slovenian Parliament rejects this recommendation.”