Sudanese politician: Arab-Israel alliance could confront Iran, stop Islamic extremism

The head of Sudan’s Umma Party Mubarak al-Fadil al-Mahdi praises the UAE for opening “new horizons” for peace, urges Sudan to follow suit.


Sudanese politician and economist Mubarak al-Fadil al-Mahdi said last week that Sudan would benefit tremendously from establishing relations with Israel.

Speaking with Egypt’s Alghad TV on Aug. 19, al-Mahdi, the head of Sudan’s Umma Party, said that establishing relations with Israel would give Sudan access to Israeli and Western technology, help remove Sudan from the list of countries that support terrorism and help Sudan out of its current economic crisis.

In addition, al-Mahdi praised the United Arab Emirates and the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for opening “new horizons” for peace in the Middle East.

He said that the combination of Arab money with Western innovation could be of great benefit to the Arabs, and that an alliance between Israel, Sudan, Egypt and the Gulf states could confront Iran and stop the spread of Islamic extremism.