Suspect in stabbing attack had PA-approved textbooks encouraging violent attacks on Israelis

14-year-old Arab girl who brutally stabbed Jewish woman was carrying PA-approved textbooks that encouraged violent attacks on Israelis.

By World Israel News Staff

The 14-year-old Arab girl arrested last week for stabbing a Jewish woman in the back in front of her children in an unprovoked attack was found to be in possession of Palestinian Authority-approved textbooks, which contained violent rhetoric about Jews and Israel, when she was taken into custody by the police.

IMPACT-se, an Israeli watchdog group which raises the alarm about hateful content within PA-approved textbooks, said in a statement that books found in the bag of the 14-year-old described Palestinian violence as “natural” and “legitimate resistance,” and referred to a Palestinian terror attack on Israelis as a “barbecue party.”

Marcus Sheff, IMPACT-se’s CEO, said it was no coincidence that the suspected perpetrator of the attack was carrying the PA-approved violent textbooks.

“These textbooks are strategically created by the PA to promote a culture of hate and violence among 1.3 million children,” he said in a statement.

Israeli groups have long complained that PA textbooks contain antisemitic and anti-Israel rhetoric which encourages violence against Jews and Israelis, and a number of European Union studies have confirmed that incitement is commonplace within the educational materials.

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“I truly hope those countries that still support the Palestinian Ministry of Education and UNRWA are paying close attention and drawing the appropriate conclusions,” he added.

The school which the suspect in the stabbing attack attends has a reputation for promoting extremist ideology.

A teacher at the school, Lubna Abdeen, referred to the Israeli police operating within the boundaries of the city of Jerusalem as the “occupation forces” when speaking to an Arab news site about the student’s arrest.

In an interview with Al-Qastal, Abdeen bemoaned the police “suddenly storming the school and raiding the classrooms,” but did not express any concern for the stabbing victim, who was left with a 12-inch knife lodged in her back, nor say that she disapproved of the suspect’s violent actions.