Syria: Israel hits targets near Aleppo airport for second time this month

The strike was reportedly a direct hit on an Iranian arms depot at the nearby Nayrab military airport.


An Israeli missile strike on Wednesday hit targets in the vicinity of Aleppo International Airport, Syrian state media reported.

The Syrian Arab News Agency quoted a military source as saying that the attack caused “material damages” to the airport.

Reuters cited two regional intelligence sources as saying that it was a direct hit on an underground Iranian arms depot at Nayrab military airport, located adjacent to the Aleppo airport. The sources said that guided missile systems delivered aboard Iranian military planes were stored there.

Two weeks ago, on March 7, Syrian state media reported that Israeli airstrikes had shut down the Aleppo airport. According to Reuters, citing Western intelligence sources, the strike targeted an Iranian arms shipment hours after it was delivered via an Iranian plane. Damascus had said that the plane was carrying aid.

The Israel Defense Forces did not comment regarding the Wednesday report, in accordance with Jerusalem’s long-standing policy regarding specific foreign operations. However, the military has acknowledged in the past conducting hundreds of strikes on Iran-backed forces attempting to establish a foothold in Syria.