Despite curse, Trump-Netanyahu relations will be excellent in future

“There is no doubt that Barak Ravid and most of the media hate Trump and Netanyahu and they do everything to lower their profile,” says chairman of Republicans Overseas Marc Zell.

By World Israel News Staff

Despite hot topic comments recently revealed by former U.S. President Donald Trump with regard to former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, relations between the two will be excellent should Trump win the next U.S. presidential elections, American-Israeli lawyer and chairman of Republicans Overseas Marc Zell said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

According to Zell, Israeli journalist Barak Ravid only now exposed details of the April interview in order to promote his new book. Moreover, Trump only said what he said due to the state he was in following the U.S. elections.

The comments, exposed on Friday, were made during an interview with Ravid in April, a time, according to Zell, that was an emotional for the former president.

In the interview, Trump said that Netanyahu’s congratulatory message to U.S. President Joe Biden after the election came too soon after the election results were announced.

“He was very early. Like earlier than most. I haven’t spoken to him since. F*ck him,” Trump said to Ravid.

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However, Zell told Arutz Sheva that “Ravid himself explained in a radio interview that he got the story back in April when Trump was upset about what had happened, but a second interview in July revealed that Trump came out of his anger and was busy attacking Biden.”

Zell said that Ravid is only “making this noise now” due to the release on Sunday of his new book, titled “Trump’s Peace,” on the normalization deals between Israel and Arab states, which were brokered with the help of the Trump administration.

Following the U.S. election, Netanyahu actually received major backlash for the amount of time he waited to congratulate Biden.

“He waited longer than any other leader in the West to send a blessing to Biden, and even when he sent the blessing he congratulated on the achievements during the Trump era,” Zell told Arutz Sheva.

Zell said that the weight now given by the media to Trump’s harsh statements stems from a political trend to belittle Netanyahu’s power.

“There is no doubt that Barak Ravid and most of the media hate Trump and Netanyahu and they do everything to lower their profile,” Zell said.

He added that he has no doubt that should Trump return to power in the next elections, relations between him and Netanyahu will be “excellent.”

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“I have no doubt about it, because each of them cares about the interests of his own country. Trump made the moves [with Israel] because he thought it was in the best interests of the United States,” says Zell.