4,000 ventilators: Israel’s corona cabinet orders health system to prep for worst-case scenario

The Corona Cabniet decided to adopt an outbreak scenario developed by several ministries. 

By World Israel News Staff

The Corona Cabinet unanimously approved a proposal for the health system to prepare for 4,000 ventilated patients in the case of a new coronavirus outbreak, on Monday.

In doing so it adopted the outbreak scenario of the Health, Finance and Defense Ministries.

It was decided to prepare for the possibility of 2,000 corona patients on ventilators as well as 2,000 other patients on ventilators.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that all preventive measures must be taken to avoid reaching the outbreak scenario. This is the general position of the Corona Cabinet ministers.

Corona Cabinet ministers are discussing the practical steps that are necessary in the immediate term in order to slow morbidity and prevent a deterioration to undesirable scenarios.

At a Corona Cabinet meeting on Sunday, Netanyahu urged the reinstatement of a controversial tracking system to keep tabs on the spread of the disease via the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service.

“In a situation where there’s widespread morbidity and no other solution, we can use Shin Bet programs,” he said. “But I very, very, very strongly ask that we do not enshrine the Shin Bet powers into law at this time,” Netanyahu said.

The head of the Shin Bet, Nadav Argaman opposed the use of his agency for that purpose. Most of the ministers at the meeting appeared to support Netanyahu however.

Netanyahu warned that if Israelis don’t follow the guidelines set out by the Health Ministry, another lockdown may be necessary.

Prof. Hezi Levi, the new director-general of the Health Ministry, repeated that warning, saying that no one wants a lockdown and following the health guidelines will prevent one.