Barak’s Netanyahu-shaming backfires as he exposes credit card number

The leader of the Democratic Israel party needs to replace his credit card after its details were revealed in a video clip mocking the prime minister.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

Ehud Barak’s latest video clip mocking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rebounded after it forced him to change the credit card he had waved onscreen to show that he knew how to pay for a falafel.

Barak was trying to “teach” the prime minister that he needs to pay for what he receives, in a dig about the legal trouble Netanyahu is facing over allegations of wealthy businessmen gifting him with boxes of cigars and cases of champagne.

Ehud Barak credit card


“I heard that you don’t know, so this is what a credit card looks like,” he said, while standing in line at a popular eatery with three other members of his Democratic Israel party list. “You pay with it, and if you need to, you pay with cash,” he said, showing each item.

But as he presented his credit card, its numbers and expiration date could be seen.

“Before the genius mocks Netanyahu it’d be worth it for him to check carefully that he’s not publicizing his credit card details,” wrote @MDanielLevi on the Channel 13 Twitter feed.

Posting a screenshot of the Visa card with all the details clearly visible, Levi added, “Come on guys, there’s a credit ceiling of $2.3 million, pizzas for everyone!”

Another viewer referred readers to an article from the time Barak was defense minister and the State Comptroller blasted him for spending almost a million shekels of public money on hotels while attending the Paris Air Show in 2009.

“Too bad that you didn’t use this wallet in Paris,” @DdongISR wrote. “It’s a little more expensive than a falafel.”

Barak’s staff said that he has canceled his credit card, adding, “The time has come for the citizens of Israel to have a prime minister who has a credit card.”