Israeli lawmaker under fire for claiming IDF ‘executes’ Arab children

Defense Minister rules out future government with Joint Arab List, after the party’s sole Jewish MK accused IDF of executing Arab children.

By World Israel News Staff

A far-left Israeli lawmaker came under fire Wednesday, after he accused the Israeli military of executing Palestinian Arab children.

MK Ofer Cassif, the sole Jewish MK in the Joint Arab Party who is running again for Knesset on the Hadash-Ta’al slate, spoke at a campaign event Tuesday, blaming the recent string of Arab terror attacks on Israel’s security establishment and accusing the IDF of executing Palestinian Arab children.

The comments were first revealed by Israel Hayom Wednesday, which obtained and published footage from the campaign event.

“The root cause is the occupation, it is an injustice in and of itself,” Cassif said.

“Twelve Palestinians were murdered in the occupied territories, including minors, children who were executed. This bloodshed is terrible, the occupation is a form of injustice.”

At the event, Hadash party chairman MK Aymen Odeh refused to condemn terror attacks on Israeli soldiers, insisting on an end to the “occupation”.

“Everyone is a victim of this wicked occupation… Arabs and Jews are dear to everyone and we do not want even one person to die. We have to end the occupation.”

Following the publication of the footage Wednesday, Defense Minister Benny Gantz excoriated Cassif, and said that given his views, no new government could be formed with the Hadash-Ta’al list after the upcoming election.

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“MK Ofer Cassif crossed a red line of lies and incitement again, during a time when IDF troops work to protect all of Israel’s citizens, Jews and Arabs, from murderous terror.”

“They do this professionally, with determination, while striving for contact with the enemy, and while keeping to the IDF code and purity of arms, and we have to appreciate them. As Defense Minister, I emphasize that they have our full backing and they will continue to protect Israel’s safety.”

“Because of opinions such as Cassif’s, the Joint List won’t be part of any government, and no government can lean on them from the outside.”