Father of convicted soldier: ‘I will fight to the end’

The father of Elor Azaria, an IDF soldier convicted of manslaughter for killing a neutralized terrorist, expressed every confidence the court will overturn his son’s sentence, saying that Elor’s trial was a trial for every soldier.

The father of Elor Azaria, an IDF soldier convicted in a military court for manslaughter for killing a neutralized terrorist in March of 2016, vowed to push ahead with his efforts in getting his son’s conviction overturned.

“The court that sentenced my son made a mistake,” said Elor’s father Charlie at a press conference on Wedesday, according to Ynetnews. “I will fight to the end, until his innocence comes to light.”

Charlie Azaria made his remarks after his son’s legal team appealed his conviction and sentencing to 18 months of imprisonment.

During the press conference, Elor’s father claimed the military’s prosecution attempted to intimidate the family and their only remaining attorney Yoram Sheftel, against making an appeal.

“They told me if we appeal, the IDF will appeal,” he contended. “They are trying to scare the family, but my fight will continue because this is the struggle of every parent.”

“I won’t give up,” he added. “This is not just Elor’s trial, but that of every IDF soldier.”

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By: World Israel News Staff