For second time, Congress approves bill demanding transparency on Iran nuclear deal 

The House of Representatives again approved the Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act – legislation that amplifies Republican distrust of Tehran and would give Congress greater oversight of the controversial nuclear agreement.

By: AP

The House approved for the second time in three weeks a Republican-led bill targeting the controversial nuclear agreement with Iran.

Lawmakers voted 246-181 Tuesday to pass the Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act, ignoring a veto threat from President Barack Obama.

The House first passed the legislation on January 13, even though 137 representatives hadn’t voted.

To placate frustrated members, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy “vacated” the vote — essentially rendering it null and void — and scheduled another one.

The House bill would bar the removal of certain individuals and financial institutions on a restricted list kept by the Treasury Department until the president certifies to Congress that they weren’t involved in Iran’s ballistic missiles program or in terrorist activities.

The White House said the bill could cause “the collapse” of the nuclear agreement.