Former Hamas operative reportedly produced 30 unmanned drones

The Hamas operative who reportedly helped make 30 unmanned drones for the terrorist organization was known in the Israeli security echelon as “The Engineer.”

A Hamas operative assassinated in Tunisia last December was responsible for making some thirty unmanned drones by the time Israel launched Operation Cast Lead against Hamas in December of 2008, according to a recent Al-Jazeera television program.

“At the start of the 2008 Gaza war, (Hamas engineer Mohamad  Zawari) finished the production of 30 drones,” a spokesman for the al-Qassam Brigade, Hamas’ military wing, told Al-Jazeera, as quoted by the Jerusalem Post.

According to Hamas, Zawari joined them some 10 years ago and was “one of the leaders of the military wing that oversaw the ‘Ababil’ unmanned drone program.”

Israel’s security echelon referred to Zawari, who previously lived in Syria, as “The Engineer.”

Hamas blamed Israel for his assassination. “The assassination of the commander Mohammed al-Zawari in Tunisia is a reminder for all Arab and Muslim nations that the Zionist enemy and its agents are roaming free in the region, playing their dirty roles, and it is time for this cowardly treacherous hand to be cut,”  Hamas’ Qassam Brigades stated.

“The assassination is an aggression against the group and the enemy should know the blood of this great commander will not be wasted.”

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Over a month ago, Hamas also accused Israel of assassinating one of their senior military leaders.

By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News