Gantz tells Ukrainians why Israel cannot give them weapons

Israeli Defense Minister tells his Ukrainian counterpart that no weapon transfers can be made to Kyiv. Ukraine agrees to work with Israel to develop civilian early warning system.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart Monday, seeking to end Ukrainian efforts to press Israel to transfer weapons to Kyiv.

According to a statement released by the Defense Ministry Monday afternoon, Gantz spoke with Ukrainian Minister of Defense Oleksii Reznikov, expressing his condolences regarding the tragic loss of life during recent Russian attacks, and sharing his concerns “regarding the humanitarian crisis as a result of the war.”

During their conversation, Reznikov briefed Gantz on the recent developments of the war with Russia, while Gantz reiterated the Israeli government’s that it is unable to transfer weapons systems to Ukraine.

Since the war broke out on February 24th, Kyiv has sought Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, as well as the new “Iron Beam” laser defense system.

Israel, which developed the two systems with support from the US, has vetoed attempts by Washington to offer the technology to Ukraine, amid fears it would harm Jerusalem’s relations with Moscow.

“Minister Gantz highlighted Israel’s position in standing with the Ukrainian people and the West, and expressed his commitment to supporting Ukraine via the delivery of humanitarian aid and life-saving defense equipment,” the Defense Ministry said Monday.

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“Gantz also emphasized the operational limitations faced by the State of Israel. As a result, Israel will not provide weapon systems to Ukraine.”

Despite reports this week that Kyiv has refused to cooperate with Israeli defense officials for the development of a civilian early warning system, on Monday, the Israeli Defense Ministry claimed Reznikov agreed with Gantz to work with Israel on the project.

As Kyiv is bombarded by Russian strikes, including those utilizing Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones, Israel has offered to supply Ukraine with an early-warning missile alert system which can help civilians get to safety ahead of incoming bombings.

In a leaked letter from the Ukrainian embassy in Israel to Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs published on Twitter by a journalist from Axios, Ukrainian diplomats expressed that the country is “highly interested in obtaining from Israel (in shortest possible terms) defense systems, in particular: Iron Beam, Barak-8, Patriot, Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow Interceptor and Israeli support in training for Ukrainian operators.”

Notably, the short-range Iron Beam system is not yet operational within Israel, and the Patriot is manufactured in the U.S.

Ukraine stressed the importance of receiving the systems as soon as possible, due to the “high probability of prompt deliveries to the Russian Federation of Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar ballistic missiles from Iran.”

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