Identities revealed: Civilians who helped terrorists fire rockets at Israelis

The Israeli military revealed the identities of two Gazans who let Islamic Jihad use their property to launch rockets, which ultimately fell in the Strip.

By World Israel News Staff

On August 7 – the third day of Operation Breaking Dawn, launched by the IDF earlier this month in response to threats against Israeli soldiers and civilians by the Gaza-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad –  terrorists fired a rocket from land belonging to the Gaza City municipality, headed by Yahya.

The rocket fell within the Gaza Strip, killing two Palestinians.

Saraj “chose to care more for the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization than the residents of the city that he heads, and he took advantage of the civil arena that belongs to the residents of the city in order to carry out terrorism – thus harming his citizens directly,” the IDF stated, as translated by the Jerusalem Post.

Another civilian identified by the Israeli military as allowing his property to be used for terror is Hamadan Imran Shamalh, brother of a trainer in PIJ’s naval force. This rocket, too, never made it to Israeli territory, instead hitting a civilian building in Gaza City as seen on a live broadcast from the Al-Mayadeen channel.

A reporter tried hiding the fact that it fell in Gaza and hurt civilians.

During the three-day war, PIJ terrorists bombarded Israel with rocket fire, reaching as far as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Civilians are routinely used by terrorists as “human shields” – put in the line of fire, as the IDF has shown on numerous occasions. If they die, the terror groups often blame Israel as a PR stunt.

Indeed, more innocent Palestinian lives were lost during the recent operation in Gaza by Palestinian Islamic Jihad rockets that fell short of their targets than by Israeli airstrikes, the military said hours after a ceasefire came into effect.

Gaza’s Hamas-run Ministry of Health reported that 35 people were killed during the operation, 26 of whom were uninvolved in terrorist activities. Of those, 15 were killed by errant Islamic Jihad rockets, the army said.