Iran hiring European mafias to murder Jews, attack Israeli embassies

Israel’s Mossad reveals ties between Tehran and European crime syndicates plotting to attack Jewish and Israeli targets around the globe and the Paris Olympics.

By World Israel News Staff

Iran has enlisted the aid of Europe-based criminal syndicates to carry out terrorist attacks targeting Israeli diplomatic facilities, Jewish civilians, and even the upcoming summer Olympics, the Mossad said Thursday.

Israel’s intelligence agency revealed that Iran had orchestrated a trio of attacks on Israeli embassies in Europe this year, as part of a terror campaign employing local mafias.

The three attacks took place in January 31st, May 17th, and on May 24th respectively, targeting the Israeli embassies in Sweden and Belgium.

In the first attack, a grenade was placed outside the Israeli embassy in Stockholm. The weapon was quickly neutralized and no damage or injuries caused.

On May 17th, a teenager opened fire outside of the Israeli embassy in Stockholm.

A week later, two grenades were thrown at the Israeli embassy in Brussels. No damage or injuries were reported.

The investigations into the attacks led to evidence pointing to the involvement of the Foxtrot crime syndicate, led by Kurdish-Swedish kingpin Rawa Majid, known as the “Kurdish Fox.”

Majid has evaded arrest for years, and continues to remain at large.

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The Mossad said Thursday that Iran recruited Majid after he fled to Turkey last September.

Other Europe-based mafia groups are also suspected of working with Iran, including the Rumba group, under the leadership of the Kurdish-Swede Ismail Abdo.

“Iran operates many criminal organizations in Sweden and Europe in general, while taking advantage of the relative advantage of each and sometimes the rivalry between them,” a Mossad official told The Times of Israel.

Iran is reportedly targeting not only Israeli diplomatic facilities in Europe using its connections to local crime syndicates, but also Jewish civilians.

Tehran is also suspected of plotting attacks targeting the upcoming Paris Olympics.

The 2024 Summer Olympics are slated to begin in Paris on July 26th, continuing through August 11th.