Israel appoints first female Muslim religious judge

The Jewish state made history when it appointed the first female Qadi.

The Israeli committee entrusted with the appointment of Qadis, magistrates at Muslim Shari’a religious courts, made history on Tuesday when it appointed the first female Qadi in history.

The committee named Hennah Hatib, a lawyer with a Master’s degree who specializes in Shari’a family law and a mother of four, as a new Qadi.

“We did justice where we were tasked to do justice and we chose a woman for the first time to serve as a Qadi,” stated Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked, who heads the committee.

“In my opinion, this should have happened long ago,” she added, saying the appointment was great news for the Arab woman and for Arab society in general.

“I am excited by this choice and hope it is the first of more such appointments of women to this position.”

Another three Qadis were appointed to several other positions in the Israeli Muslim court system.

The latest move by the Jewish state comes after the February appointment of Judge George Kara, a Christian, to serve on Israel’s Supreme Court of Justice, the Jewish state’s highest judicial entity.

By: World Israel News Dtaff