Israel arrests Palestinian for declaring intentions to execute attack

Israeli forces arrested a Palestinian who announced on Facebook he was going to carry out an attack in Israel. 

Israeli security forces on Friday arrested a Palestinian in the town of al-Azariya, in the Jerusalem area, after he posted a status on Facebook in which he declared his intentions of carrying out a terror attack in Israel.

Israeli media reported that Sliman al-Natsheh published a photo of himself strapped with what appears to be an explosive belt, accompanied by the caption “I joined ISIS [Islamic State terror group] and I will bomb Israel tonight.”

The Shin Bet views Israelis who support the Islamic State organization as a serious security threat. Israeli security forces have exposed several ISIS terror cells, comprised mostly of Arabs holding Israeli citizenship, operating in the Jewish state. Tens of suspects were arrested.

It remains unclear whether the explosive belt in the picture was real.

In related news, IDF forces carried out counter-terrorism operations throughout Judea and Samaria Sunday night in which they arrested 16 Palestinians connected to terrorism, and confiscated one improvised assault weapon in the Gush Etzion area.

By: World Israel News Staff