Israel demolishes homes of 4 terrorists who murdered Israelis

Israeli forces demolished the home of four Palestinian terrorists who murdered two Israelis.

Israeli forces early Thursday morning demolished the homes of four Palestinian terrorists who murdered two Israelis in two separate attacks.

The IDF said in a statement that, acting in accordance with directives from the government, it destroyed the homes of Osama Atta and Bara Salah and sealed the home of Adel Ankush in Deir Abu Mashaaal.

The three carried out an attack in June and murdered Policewoman Staff Sergeant Hadas Malka.

Malka was killed in late June during a double terror attack at the Damascus Gate entrance to the Old City.

In the first attack, two terrorists shot at a police patrol at the Damascus Gate and attempted to stab the officers. Both terrorists were shot dead by police.

In the second incident, a terrorist stabbed Malka, 23, as she and her patrol heard shooting and ran toward the scene of the first attack. Malka suffered critical injuries and was taken to Hadassah Mt. Scopus Hospital, where she died of her wounds. Here, too, police killed the terrorist.

The IDF also demolished the home of Malek Hamed in the Palestinian village of Silwad who murdered IDF soldier Sgt. Elhai Taharlev in April. Hamed was captured after the attack.

The demolition of terrorists’ homes are meant to serve as deterrence for potential terrorists plotting future attacks. The recent wave of Palestinian terror has claimed the lives of 55 victims in almost two years.

In related news, IDF forces carrying out counter-terrorism operations throughout Judea and Samaria on Wednesday night arrested 12 Palestinians wanted for terrorism.

By: World Israel News