Israel foils terror plot to bomb Teddy Kollek stadium in Jerusalem

Israel’s security services arrested the three suspects in March. They belonged to a Hamas student group at Beir Zeit University. 

By David Isaac, World Israel News

Israel’s internal security service, the Shin Bet, working jointly with the Israel Defense Forces and police, stopped a bombing attempt at Teddy Kollek Stadium in Jerusalem, it was revealed on Wednesday.

The security services foiled the plot in March, arresting three suspects: Ahmad Sajdaya, 27, Muhammad Hammad, 26, and Umar Eid, 24.

The three had planned a number of terror attacks in addition to the stadium bombing, including in Jerusalem and against IDF forces in Ramallah and the Binyamin region.

They had met while studying at Beir Zeit University near Ramallah, which is where the main student cell of the terror group Hamas operates.

The terrorists planned to attack Teddy Stadium with a bomb detonated remotely. The Shin Bet reports they had already been involved in an attempt to bomb IDF soldiers entering Ramallah.

For their planned bombing of the popular Jerusalem soccer stadium, the cell had carried out preliminary scouting of the site. Umar Eid confessed to police that he had attended a game on Dec. 4, 2019 in order to assess the feasibility of carrying out the attack. They had concluded that given the tight security, planting a bomb would not be possible.

The terror cell received tens of thousands of shekels from a resident of Ramallah to finance their nefarious activities. They were in the process of building a bomb, using plans downloaded from the internet, when they were captured by police.

This is just one of many attempts Israel’s security forces have foiled in the last few months in Judea and Samaria.