Israelis: The heroes of our time

The citizens of Israel are sacrificing their lives so that we will not have to.

By Nils A. Haug, Gatestone Institute

At this time of war in northern Europe and the Middle East, with global escalation looming once again, it is heartening to recall the brave spirit of those who fought for our country and confronted malevolent actors aiming to overwhelm the values of individual freedom in West and the extravagance of peace.

The current era seems typified more by narcissism and relativistic moral-ethics than by courage or protecting the nation.

It is a period in which many members of society seek a superficial identity through ethnic or political promotors while disparaging bigger issues of patriotism and the obligation to protect the nation.

Many ideologues belittle the traditional concept of a family where one can thrive; for some, even home is no longer regarded as a fundamental necessity.

Throughout civilization, the heart of society has come from the family unit, with its home and heart — a haven where members can enjoy love, warmth and comfort. It is a sanctuary.

“We do not seek to defend Christianity in any religious sense but as a traditional way of life, as a traditional sense of home,” noted Alexander Gauland, leader of Germany’s much criticised political party, Alternative für Deutschland.

The idea of a home is pivotal to everyone. For the Jewish people, it is their common faith and the ideal of a home that has enabled them, although often scattered among alien cultures, to maintain their identity and heritage, individually and as a group.

That is why the concept of Zion never perished through the many years of diaspora. The cry of “Next year in Jerusalem” (L’Shana Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim) has for centuries been engraved in Jewish hearts.

In a sense, the concept of home is a form of nationalism for which deep allegiance is required. The people of Israel well understand the necessity of this ideal of a home and refer to it as Zionism, which is simply an attempt to establish a home of their own in a hostile world.

The wish to secure a way of life based on long-standing Judeo-Christian values especially applies to the visionary founders and leaders of the State of Israel, including, among other notables, Theodor Herzl, David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Menachem Begin and Benjamin Netanyahu, called by Andrew Roberts “The Churchill of the Middle East.”

These are all great men and women who, despite intense criticism, never wavered from their vision for the peace and security of their beloved homeland.

Despite often misplaced global outrage they motivated their people to defend all that is theirs not only for themselves but for future generations,

The people of Israel are peace-loving. They do not eagerly seek to join battles, they do not desire to destroy and kill.

Even so, they once again find themselves forced to defend their homeland, their faith, and their right to live in peace.

Perturbingly, they are besieged by those who deny their right to exist. Terrorist organizations, such as Hamas and ISIS, in contrast, appear to be driven by aggression, at times even a lust for violence, believed by many to be divinely sanctioned.

Notwithstanding immense peril to themselves personally, and their unprecedented commitment not to endanger anyone’s life unnecessarily, Israeli soldiers defend not only their ancestral place but also the core freedoms and the right to a home that frames Western civilization itself.

At this time, however, Israelis seem to be alone in their task, and continually faced with obstacles their so-called allies place in the way of swift victory.

Apart from constantly negotiating the complex and vacillating policies of the current US administration, Israel’s efforts to fight on behalf of Western values are being seriously hampered by possibly well-meaning but naive politicians such as the leaders of Ireland, Norway, China and Spain, all of which recognized Palestinian State with no borders and governed by genocidal terrorists.

China, Ireland and Spain all have a long history of racist attitudes, and Norway, despite impressive resistance in World War II, sent its Jews to Auschwitz.

Is Spain really ready to recognize an independent state of Catalonia?

Ireland, even at the height of its “Troubles” never suggested ridding its neighbour of the Scots, the British and the Welsh, and replacing them with Irish Catholics. Since October 7, racism in Ireland since has reportedly become exponentially worse.

Is China really about to officially recognize the independence of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet or the Uyghurs? China has tried to exterminate the Tibetans, has persecuted Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians, and is currently undertaking a “Uyghur genocide.”

Spain, of course, home of the Inquisition, expelled all Jews in 1492. In the 1937 Spanish Civil War, General Francisco Franco “built his regime vilifying the Jews and then tried to cover it up.” Even a decade ago, Spain was called “The Most Anti-semitic Country in Europe.” Since October 7, Spain has seen a “truly terrifying rise in Jew-hate.” Not Israelis, Jews.

These duplicitous nations, along with Qatar — called the “Trojan Horse in Washington D.C.,” and which is still the main sponsor, protector and megaphone of Islamist terrorism – say they will recognize a state that will inevitably become a terrorist haven, again threatening Israel’s rights to its ancestral homeland. Hamas has vowed as much, in the words of a headline from MEMRI:

“Hamas Official Ghazi Hamad: We Will Repeat The October 7 Attack, Time And Again, Until Israel Is Annihilated; We Are Victims – Everything We Do Is Justified”

Even as adverse political moves are made against Israel by various Western nations, Israel has also been facing illegitimate prosecutions by the UN and its agencies.

While the United Nations organization itself, and its many agencies, have a history of bigotry against Israel, the International Court of Justice exceeds its purview by having no mandate to legitimately adjudicate charges brought by South Africa against Israel.

To add insult to injury, ill-founded Warrants of Arrest have been issued against Israel’s Prime Minister and Minister of Defence by the International Criminal Court (here and here).

As clouds of war are again emerging over the globe, Iran is seeking to become the dominant power in the Middle East, and advancing its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles program.

In Eastern Europe, Russia, having seized part of Georgia in 2008 and all of Crimea in 2014, appears poised to take as much of Ukraine as it can. Russia — with the assistance of China, North Korea, and Iran –will likely carry on from there, trying to extend its influence by force.

China, meanwhile, is not only circling Taiwan and the Philippines, but also strategically positioning itself to confront Japan, Australia, India and other targets in the Indo-Pacific.

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In the US, more than 10 million illegal immigrants have entered in the last few years, including an estimated 1.7 “gotaways,” who evaded detection and about whom nothing is known.

Among those who have entered illegally are roughly 40,000 Chinese, many of whom arrive in groups of young men of military age as potential saboteurs.

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has suggested that China’s Communist Party is “inside the gates,” surreptitiously awaiting orders from Beijing.

Further evidence was discovered in a Chinese-run laboratory by accident last year in Reedley, California. More than a thousand mice had been genetically engineered with deadly pathogens, potentially to be released as tiny bioweapons across the US.

In addition, China has been buying more than 340,000 acres f US farmland, often near military installations, and sent a spy balloon over America’s most “sensitive military sites.”

China has also stolen untold quantities of sensitive US intellectual property, to the detriment of the West’s technological superiority.

In the crucial battle for global leadership, the stakes could not be higher. In Germany this April, more than 1,000 demonstrators called for a Caliphate under sharia law.

There can be only one winner.

“We win, they lose,” former US President Ronald Reagan stated. This needs to be the attitude of the West if it wishes to succeed against the malevolent global actors seeking its downfall.

Yet, the US and many allied nations are facing internal social conflicts in addition to external threats.

Smaller nations such as Israel, Ukraine Taiwan, the Philippines, the “canaries in the coalmine,” depend upon the support of the larger Western powers if Western powers do not wish to fall.

The defenders of Israel are courageously overcoming challenges to their nation, their land and their faith.

Israel is the only country in that part of the world embodying the institutions of democracy, individual freedom and human rights. Israel, like Ukraine and Taiwan, is worth fighting for.

The citizens of Israel are sacrificing their lives so that we will not have to. The least we can do is get out of the way and be of help. They are heroes. They deserve our gratitude and support.