McDonald’s Israel introduces the ‘Big Vegan’

It will be launched at a few branches in the Tel Aviv area as a pilot, says Globes.

By World Israel News Staff 

McDonald’s Israel announced recently that it will introduce a hamburger “that is made of wheat and soybeans” this summer, the Israeli Globes business news outlet reported.

It will be “launched at a few branches in the Tel Aviv area as a pilot,” Globes reports, adding that a decision on whether to offer it at all McDonald’s branches in Israel will be made later.

The Big Vegan hamburgers, developed by Swiss food manufacturer Nestle, are already on sale at McDonald’s outlets in Europe, says Globes.

McDonald’s introduced the Big Vegan to Germany on April 29, writes Fortune.

“An ad for the Big Vegan plays up the burger’s ethical and environmental appeal,” says the magazine, adding “the Big Vegan is not McDonald’s first foray into vegan menu items.”

According to Fortune, McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden and Finland have been offering the McVegan burger, a soy-based sandwich, since 2017. Finland, it says, also has the El Veggo, a salsa-flavored soy burger.

McDonald’s says that it is the largest restaurant chain in Israel with over 180 branches, of which over 50 are kosher.

“Since 2004 we have been at the forefront of a health revolution, ensuring that all our customers benefit from healthier, more balanced meals, and more adjusted to Israeli tastes,” it says on its website.

Burger King, McDonald’s competitor, has already begun marketing a vegan hamburger at its branches in the U.S. and “is gradually expanding its appearance,” Globes reports.

“Burger King Israel, however, does not yet offer a vegan hamburger,” the article says.