Netanyahu: Israeli government based on Arab parties would be historic disaster

Israel’s right-wing bloc reacted to news that a minority government relying on the Arab Joint List may be established.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli politicians on the right side of the political spectrum responded with concern to news on Sunday that a minority government may be established. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting for Sunday morning with his coalition members to discuss their next steps.

Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked warned, “Everything has to be done to create a Zionist government, in no way a minority government that supports and rests on the Joint List.”

Speaking to Channel 12’s “Morning News,” she said, “From my point of view it’s the crossing of a red line. A heavy responsibility rests on us to establish a right-wing government. I hope people will wake up and understand that it’s impossible to force [others], it is possible to influence and to influence you need also to give in a little.”

Shaked also said in a separate interview that a left-wing government would harm the Orthodox. “A minority government will promote anti-religious legislation, without any religious party in the coalition,” she said.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miri Regev, was still harsher in her criticism.

“I am very upset and troubled for the people of Israel by the fact that three chiefs of staff and two defense ministers are selling the state to terror supporters and terrorists such as Ahmed Tibi and Ayman Odeh,” Regev said, referring to two members of the Arab Joint List, Arutz7 reports.

“Once they decided to go to a minority government, they spit on the bereaved families, spit on the IDF soldiers and IDF commanders. I remind them that Ahmed Tibi and Ayman Odeh once called former IDF chiefs of staff war criminals and today also call IDF soldiers war criminals,” she said.

On Saturday, Netanyahu held a conference call with Likud ministers to talk about the possibility that Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz would be prepared to establish a minority government.

Netanyahu said that Blue and White had not negotiated with the Likud for more than 10 days, Israel’s Channel 13 reported.

“We are facing an emergency like no other in the history of the State of Israel. There is a conclusion in Blue and White to go to a minority government with the Joint List. We know for sure that such a decision was made there,” Netanyahu said.

“Election is a disaster, but setting up a government that depends on the Arab parties is a bigger disaster. It is a historic danger and a serious violation of Israel’s security, it’s forbidden that such a government will rise for even an hour,” he said.