Nikki Haley: Biden victory will undo all good Trump did for Israel

Former UN ambassador warns a Biden victory could see U.S. cozying back up to Iran, lose chance for Trump peace deal with Palestinians.

By Paul Shindman, World Israel News

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley warned Monday that a Democratic victory in November’s presidential election could undo all the progress made under the Trump administration, especially with respect to Israel and the Iran nuclear program.

Haley spoke in an online town hall forum hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) that the group later posted on its social media feeds.

Haley said President Donald Trump took office and wanted to make it clear, especially at the UN, that America had Israel’s back.

“He wanted everyone to know that Israel was our friend.”

“When he [Trump] saw the fact that we had to start partnering with Israel in a way that we showed not just the UN, but every multilateral organization, that if you’re gonna mess with Israel you have to mess with the United States – [it was] hugely important,” Haley said.

“Look at the difference between Joe Biden and President Trump,” Haley said. “Who is the person that moved the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? Who is the person that pulled out of the Iran deal? Who’s the person that allowed me to call out Hamas for the first time in the UN?”

Haley, who was governor of South Carolina before taking the UN post, also said that Biden was moving closer to the radical camp in the Democratic Party and taking foreign policy ideas from Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and Senator Bernie Sanders.

“Don’t listen to what he’s saying now,” Haley said. “Actions are louder than words. We have actions of two different people who have held office. We have seen the results of two different people.”

“It’s personal for me,” Haley noted, warning that a Biden victory in the November presidential election would undo a lot of the progress achieved under the Trump administration.

“For all the progress that we made in terms of Israel, in terms of the Middle East, in terms of really having a voice for America and for Israel – I hate the thought that if Biden comes in all of that goes away,” Haley said.

“Because they’re going to go back and try and get back into the Iran [nuclear] deal. They automatically have already started taking sides with Hamas and the Palestinians saying that Israel shouldn’t have their sovereign rights.”

“They’re not for the [Trump] peace agreement. They were already buying friends at the UN trying to appease them,” Haley said. “I don’t want to see it go back to that. I think we worked too hard to get to this point. I think we have to fight hard to keep it and to continue to move in the right direction.”

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