Employee of European NGO caught puncturing Israeli’s tire in Hebron

An employee of a European pro-Palestinian “monitoring group” was filmed on a security camera puncturing the tire of a vehicle belonging to a Jewish resident of Hebron.

By: World Israel News Staff

An employee of a European pro-Palestinian NGO called Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) was filmed puncturing the tire of a vehicle that belongs to a Jewish resident of Hebron, according to a police report.

A nearby security camera in the area captured the incident last year. The footage was subsequently turned over to the district police, which determined that a TIPH activist in uniform emerged from a vehicle emblazoned with the organization’s markings and proceeded to puncture one of the vehicle’s tires.

According to Haaretz, the police report described the entire incident, which included two accomplices standing watch as the suspect damaged the vehicle, which belonged to a Jewish resident of Hebron named Nili Dvorah.

Dvorah explained to the police that the incident represented the third time her car’s tires had been punctured in a one week period.

TIPH operates in the Hebron area and is staffed by individuals from Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey who “enjoy diplomatic immunity” and “cannot be detained or arrested,” according to the organization’s website.

Last Friday, a TIPH “observer” was caught on video slapping a 10-year-old Jewish resident of Hebron so hard that he knocked the boy’s skullcap off of his head.

After Israel’s Foreign Ministry ordered the attacker to immediately leave the Jewish state, the Swiss ambassador to Israel issued a statement in which he claimed that the assault on the child “was no doubt preceded by some provocation on the side of the settlers.”

While TIPH claims its “main focus is to ensure a feeling of security for the Palestinian population in Hebron,” it’s unclear how assaulting a Jewish child or puncturing an Israeli’s tires serves the organization’s stated mission.

Following the tire-puncturing incident, the victims’ husband, Elad Pas, commented, “It’s clear that the observers have joined the terror organizations from Hebron and they should be removed immediately,” Haaretz reported.