Report: Explosions heard at Iranian facility near Damascus

Sky News Arabia says blasts targeted an electronic warfare facility used by Tehran south of the Syrian capital. There was no confirmation of the explosion.  

By: World Israel News Staff

What is believed to be an Iranian military facility located near Damascus was hit by explosions early Monday, according to a report by Sky News Arabia.
The blasts near Damascus came after enigmatic explosions targeted a Syrian base.
Explosions were heard near Najjah, a Damascus suburb that houses a military academy, Sky News reported.

Not the first time

Monday’s blasts followed a bombing near Hama last week. In all it is estimated that 11 Syrian soldiers were killed in the Hama attack, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
Foreign media sources have reported that Israel attacked the T4 base in Syria in April.
Syria’s Bashar al-Assad has been backed by the Hezbollah and Iran as well as Russia.
Air strikes against Syria attributed to Israel are most likely meant to prevent the smuggling of game-changing weapons from Syria into Lebanon or even into Syria, particularly long or medium-range missiles.
Israel and Russia are in regular communication regarding military operations inside Syria. Israel receives Russian approval in advance for its attacks.