Shaked noticeably absent at New Right campaign kickoff

A spokesman for Shaked has not yet commented on her absence, reports The Jerusalem Post.

By World Israel News Staff

The absence of co-founder Ayelet Shaked was notable on Monday as the New Right Party launched its election campaign.

A spokesman for Shaked has not yet commented on her absence, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Before officially rejoining the party’s second election campaign, rumors were swirling that Shaked was considering joining the Likud party.

With Shaked not present, Defense Minister and New Right co-founder Naftali Bennett party took center stage at the launch event.  A campaign flyer featured only Bennett next to the slogan: “Definitely right – not kind of, and not sometimes.”

On Monday, the party discussed its political platform and voter demographics. Reportedly, the campaign plans to target Russian voters in an attempt to take seats away from Russian-born Israel Beitenu leader Avigdor Liberman.

“Rule of the right-wing will not happen without a big New Right, which will end the pretense of other parties,” the party said in a statement following the campaign kickoff.

“Right-wing is not just in the realm of diplomacy. We are right-wing economically, right-wing in terms of freedom of the individual, right-wing which is not dependent on committees. The New Right is definitely Right, not kind of right and not sometimes right,” the statement added.

Shortly before new elections were called, Bennett announced, with Shaked present, that the party will run alone in the next election.

“If we run into an election campaign against our will – the New Right party will run as an independent party for the Knesset. I have already updated the prime minister, he is aware, we are running as a party and will be open to connections. We will do what is right for the State of Israel. The New Right is returning to the center of the map in a big way,” Bennett said at the Nov. 25 press conference.

Shaked said that new elections were inevitable.

“We are not yet desperate to have Liberman return to the right-wing bloc, but that seems highly unlikely. The most realistic scenario is a third election campaign,” she said at the time.