Terror victims ask Israeli court to stop funds transfer to Palestinian Authority

Victims of Palestinian terror petition Supreme Court to order the government to comply with the law and stop transferring pay-for-slay money to the Palestinian Authority.

By Paul Shindman, World Israel News

Several organizations, including the bereaved families of terror victims, filed a petition with the Supreme Court demanding that the justices order Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to comply with a law forcing Israel to block the transfer of tax money the Palestinians use to reward terrorism, Channel 20 reported Tuesday.

According to the law enacted two years ago, the government must offset annually from the funds transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA) the amount that the PA pays to terrorists and their families. PA policy is to pay stipends to any Palestinian killed while committing a terrorist attack against Israelis as well as those who are caught, convicted and serving prison terms for attacking Israelis.

Israel had planned to lend the PA 800 million shekels ($233 million), but the petition filed by attorney Yitzhak Bam calls on the Supreme Court to order the Defense Ministry to provide a detailed accounting of the data on the total funds paid by the PA in terrorism last year. The petitioners also want the court to instruct the government to act in accordance with the law and approve the deduction of the amount of money that is transferred to the PA.

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Bam stated that the government’s delay in deducting the funds is not an option.

“This is not at the discretion of the defense minister or a committee, and in their failure to bring the report to the approval and they are unlawfully thwarting the implementation of the Knesset’s law,” Bam said.

Palestinian Media Watch, an organization that tracks what the Palestinians are doing and monitors their statements in Arabic, was one of forces behind the Israeli law that cuts money the Palestinians pay to reward terrorists.

“The PA has already paid the two murderers of Rachel Weiss and her three toddlers at least $414,516/€368,837 (each!)and continues to pay them a monthly salary of $3,487/€3,103 SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY MURDERED JEWS!” tweeted Maurice Hirsch, head of Legal Strategies at PMW.

Weiss and her children Netanel, 3, Rephael, 2, and Ephraim, 9 1/2 months were murdered in 1988 when the intercity bus they were traveling in was firebombed by Palestinians as it drove by Jericho. IDF soldier David Delarosa, who was severely burned trying to rescue the mother and children from the burning bus, died from his wounds shortly afterwards.

Last week the PA honored one of the terrorists who murdered Weiss and her children with a video on official PA TV praising terrorist Juma Adam, who is now 51 years old. However, the short video shows the pictures of several terrorists, including Adam, when they were children with the caption “our prisoners” on the screen, and ends with the slogan “freedom for our prisoners.” The short bio shown of Juma Adam only says he was “arrested” but does not reveal that he murdered a mother and three young children.

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