WATCH: The Dead Sea After the Snow

As beautiful as the Dead Sea is, after it snowed throughout parts of Israel an even greater beauty was revealed. The rain and snow brought new life to the land.

We know that people have enjoyed the videos we’ve posted by Amir Aloni and his son Ori. They film breathtaking videos that sweep across the gorgeous Israeli landscape, providing views that show the majesty of the land.

Ori produced a video – WATCH: The Dead Sea as You’ve Never Seen it Before. This video was among our top 10 videos of 2014.

Amir then produced – Watch: Negev and Arava as You’ve Never Seen Them Before, followed by WATCH: A Breathtaking Return to the Dead Sea.

Now you can enjoy the third part of our Dead Sea trilogy. This may be the best video of the series.

Israel Dead Sea rivers flood-by Amir Aloni from Amir Aloni.