‘Child-killer’ – Jewish Israeli actor targeted by online hate

Social media users call for boycott of show due to inclusion of Israeli actor.

By World Israel News Staff

A prominent Israeli actor is being targeted by anti-Israel activists online, due to his nationality and his service in the IDF.

Tomer Capone, a well-known actor in Israel, recently made his international breakthrough in the Amazon series The Boys.

He plays a character named Frenchy, and apparently some of the show’s viewers believed that France was Capone’s true country of origin.

“I just googled his actor and this entire time I had no idea he was even from isntreal [a term delegitimizing Israel],” wrote one user on social media platform X.

“That pissed me off even more [because] I thought he was French for real.”

A screenshot of Capone’s Wikipedia then circulated on the platform, which states that Capone served a squad leader within the Paratrooper’s Brigade during his mandatory military service.

“Do people realize how big of a possibility there is that he has killed a child?” a user named Ahmed Hathout wrote in response to the information.

Dozens of users then called for a boycott of the series due to Capone’s role in the show.

Since the October 7th terror attacks, Capone has been vocal about the intense anti-Israel hatred he’s received, including death threats and messages from those celebrating the massacres.

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Capone wrote on his Threads account that he had posted a video of Hamas terrorists capturing female soldiers and threatening them with rape in order to call for “peace” and an “end to the torture” of the hostages.

But, Capone wrote, the video caused him to “lose 5,000 followers” within an hour.

“People are crazy and times are strange,” he wrote.

In an interview with Deadline, Capone confirmed that he had been personally impacted by the October 7th terror onslaught.

“There were many people I know who were murdered on that day,” Capone said. “I’m so traumatized by the whole situation.”