Close call: Prison authority thwarts terrorists’ escape

A mission of inquiry is investigating the escape of six terrorists from the Gilboa Prison in September 2021.


The Israel Prison Service thwarted an apparent attempt by terrorists to escape from a prison situated just north of Jerusalem, it revealed Wednesday, the IPS revealed Wednesday.

As part of an initiated search conducted by the Ofer Prison staff, a drawing detailing the prison’s security apparatus was found in one of the cells, the IPS said.

The cell inmates were separated and, under the direction of the district commander, were defined as “at high risk of escape.”

The prisoners were transferred from the prison to the segregation ward with maximum security.

The IPS noted that additional operations are being carried out by the various forces and that the prison staff was instructed to increase vigilance and break routines.

The report on this possible prison break comes as a mission of inquiry is in the midst of probing the escape of six terrorists from the Gilboa Prison in September 2021.

Zakariya Zubeidi, a senior Fatah terrorist, and five Islamic Jihad terrorists — Ayham Kamamji and Munadal Infi’at, Yaqub Qaderi, Muhammad Qassem Ardah and Mahmoud Abdullah Ardah — escaped from the maximum-security Gilboa Prison.

All escapees were captured alive in three incidents within a few days, including a Special Forces operation in the Palestinian Authority city of Jenin.

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Five inmates from Gilboa Prison cooperated and assisted in the escape of the six terrorists.