Cops assaulted by Arab mob in Jerusalem, barely escape lynch

Police arrested three suspects during the night – a 17-year-old and two men in their 20s.

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

Two policemen and a civilian who made a wrong turn into the Arab neighborhood of Issawiya in eastern Jerusalem on Wednesday night were viciously assaulted by ab Arab mob which attempted to lynch them.

The police stated that two officers who were not on duty and another citizen who was with them in a civilian vehicle were violently attacked by suspects in the area of ​​the entrance to the Issawiya neighborhood and later in the French Hill neighborhood.

After being attacked in Issawiya, the three Israelis attempted to the flee. A number of assailants chased them in the direction of the French Hill neighborhood, threw stones at the vehicle and sprayed them with pepper spray.

One of the rioters managed to snatch the weapon of one of the officers who was in the vehicle. The policemen, who felt their lives were in danger, fired in the air to drive away the attackers who fled the scene.

Large police forces were called to the scene and began searches and operational activities to locate the rioters and the stolen weapon. The weapon was subsequently “found” and returned to the police officer.

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One of the officers was lightly injured by the pepper spray and the stones, and the vehicle in which the Israelis were traveling was badly damaged.

Jerusalem District forces arrested three suspects during the night. The suspects, one 17-year-old and two in their 20s, were taken for questioning in the central unit of the Jerusalem district. Police are expected to request an extension of their detention and further arrests are expected.

Jerusalem District Commander Superintendent Doron Turgeman arrived on the scene and held a situation assessment, during which he instructed the forces to continue the operational and investigative activities.