First group of Israeli captives released from Gaza

The first group of Israeli hostages were released as part of ceasefire deal return to Israel after over a month and a half in captivity in Gaza.

By World Israel News Staff

Thirteen Israeli women and children were released by the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza Friday afternoon, the first of four planned hostage releases slated for the four-day ceasefire.

The captives were transferred to the Red Cross, while Israel grants early release to 39 Arab terrorists held in Israeli prisons.

All of the released terrorists are either women or teenagers.

The jailed terrorists were transferred to Ofer prison, an Israeli facility northwest of Jerusalem used for security prisoners, before being handed over to the International Red Cross.

In an operation called “Heaven’s Doors,” the IDF finished preparations to receive the captives held by Hamas since October 7.

“Over the past day, the IDF completed preparations for receiving the hostages released from captivity in the Gaza Strip upon their return to Israel… After the initial reception and medical treatment, the released hostages will continue to hospitals, where they will be reunited with their families,” the IDF announced.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit requested “patience and sensitivity from the public and the media and asked all citizens to respect the privacy of the released hostages and their families.”

Hostages freed in Egypt will be given noise-canceling headphones, including ones for children, to ease their journey to Hatzerim Airbase in southern Israel. After arriving, they’ll undergo medical and therapeutic evaluations.

The Israeli captives were released from Gaza into Egypt via the Rafah crossing, before being handed over to the Red Cross.

Phones will be provided to the hostages so they can contact their friends and relatives immediately upon their arrival in Israel.

After approximately two hours, the hostages will be brought to a hospital, where they will meet with close relatives.

Children hostages returned to Israel are expected to remain under medical observation for at least 48 hours after their arrival at the hospital.