French minister in Israel to learn how to deal with terror attacks

More European countries are turning to Israel to learn from its vast experience in combating Islamic terrorism.

By: AP and World Israel News Staff

France’s health minister is meeting with Israeli health care professionals to learn from their experience in dealing with terror attacks.

Marisol Touraine visited Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital on Thursday and met with the Israeli health minister, Ya’akov Litzman.

She recounted the “dramatic terror attack at the end of last year” in France and said her country needs to “think about the best way to prepare our hospitals in case of new attacks.”

Touraine added that there will be cooperation between the two countries “to learn from the Israeli experience.”

Her visit comes as Europe struggles to cope with security threats from Islamic State  (ISIS) terrorists that have claimed the Paris and Brussels terror attacks.

Following the Muslim attacks in Europe, Israel has extended its assistance to any European country that requests it and in any field Israel can offer help.

Israel has reportedly become a hub for intelligence agencies seeking information on the various Muslim terror organizations that are planning further attacks against the West.

Israel has been hit hard over the decades by Palestinian terrorist attacks in various forms, and has vast experience in preventing them and with treating victims of  the attacks.