IDF opens training areas for hikers during Chanukah holiday – Enter with caution!

The IDF is opening parts of its training grounds for hikes during Chanukah.  

By Jack Gold, World Israel News

The IDF announced Sunday that it will open parts of its training zones throughout the country during the Chanukah holiday for the benefit of hikers.

The Chanukah holiday commences Sunday night and will last for eight days.

In its statement, the IDF cautioned that it will continue to train during the holiday in some areas, including the use of live fire training, and therefore hikers are urged to act with caution and enter only sanctioned areas.

Furthermore, Commander of the Southern Command, Major General Hartzi Halevy, announced that the IDF will open Route 10 to traffic between the Azzuz area, through Mount Karkom, and to the 10th and 12th intersections in the south during the holiday.

Highway 10 is one of the longest roads in Israel and extends for nearly the entire border of Israel with Egypt. Under an IDF security advisory, its entire length is almost permanently off-limits to civilian traffic. The border is threatened by Islamic terrorism as well as heavy criminal activity.

The IDF also reminded Israelis to act cautiously and in accordance with directives to ensure they do not enter Area A in Judea and Samaria, which is under full Palestinian control. Entering Area A without the proper permits constitutes a violation of the law.

Area A is marked with red signs warning of life-threatening danger. While Israelis are barred from entering Area A due to the imminent threat posed by such travel, there are no travel restrictions regarding Area B.

Nevertheless, both the IDF and Israel’s police have repeatedly warned that Israelis traveling to Palestinian villages in Area B run the risk of being victimized in criminal or terrorist attacks.

“A happy holiday for all of Israel,” the IDF concluded.