Israel arrests Palestinian recruited by Hezbollah

Israel has exposed another plot by Hezbollah to recruit Palestinians for terrorism.

Israeli security forces arrested a Palestinian who was recruited by the Hezbollah terror group to lead a terror cell and carry out attacks against Israeli targets in Judea and Samaria.

Ofir Gendelman, the Prime Minister’s Arabic-language spokesperson, broke the news on Monday, writing on Twitter that “his is another failure” for the Lebanon-based Shiite terror organization.

The would-be terrorist was named as Ahmed Beduwy, of Balata, near Shechem (Nablus).

Israel’s security forces have previously thwarted Hezbollah’s attempts to carry out terror attacks against Israel via Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs.

In recent years, Hezbollah’s Unit 133, which orchestrates terrorism against Israel, has been “working intensively” to recruit Palestinian members “in order to carry out terror attacks against Israeli targets.”

According to Gendelman’s tweet, this last arrest was “another failed attempt by Mohammad Ataya, commander of the Hezbollah unit that recruits Palestinians to carry out terror attacks.”

In March, Israeli security forces arrested a Palestinian operating on behalf of Hezbollah who planned attacks in Israel.

The terrorist, Yusef Yasser Sweilam, 23 of Kalkilya, had been instructed by Hezbollah to advance terrorist attacks, including the abduction of Israelis.

In October 2016, Israel captured a Hezbollah terror cell that operated in Israel and planned terror attacks in Northern Israel.

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In August 2016, Israel uncovered and arrested members of a cell recruited online by Hezbollah to  carry out terror attacks in Israel. The cell members were also from Kalkilya.

In January 2016, Israeli security forces apprehended a Palestinian terror cell that was directed by Hezbollah and was ordered to prepare suicide bombings and shooting attacks, to collect intelligence, and to establish a training camp.

By: World Israel News Staff