Israel lifting almost all COVID-related restrictions next week

For the first time since the outbreak of the coronavirus, all restrictions on gatherings will be lifted next Tuesday, Minister of Health Yuli Edelstein announced.

By World Israel News Staff

In view of the low and stable morbidity that has been ongoing for a significant amount of time time, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein announced Sunday that he will not seek to renew regulations requiring businesses and venues to operate either under the Green Pass or the Purple Standard systems, which are due to expire on May 31.

“Israel is going back to normal,” Edelstein declared. “Less than half a year ago we started the vaccination campaign. Thanks to the excellent work of the health system…and thanks to the amazing mobilization of Israeli citizens, we have carried out the best vaccination campaign in the world.”

In the next two weeks, the country’s health professionals will hold discussions regarding the obligation to wear masks in enclosed spaces. Until a decision is made, the mask will still be required.

In addition, restrictions on entry and exit to Israel will remain intact and, if necessary, even tightened.

“I call on the citizens of Israel not to go to countries with high morbidity and to follow the travel warnings of the Ministry of Health,” Edelstein said. Even in countries deemed safe for travel, “it is important to maintain social distancing. Upon return to Israel – it is the duty to pay extra attention to the guidelines…

“The Health Ministry is working to continue the low morbidity and will continue to comprehensively observe the situation to prevent an outbreak. Of course, if there is an outbreak, we will have to go back.”